Accordion Sample Step 1: Select the flowers/item you would like to send. You can choose the item by checking out flowers under different categories. Once selected click the “BUY” product. Step 2: Read the product description. Select the additional product you would like to send along with it and click “ADD to CART” button. Step 3: Once selected you will see the final cart with total amount to be verified. Go ahead with the “Checkout” button. Step 4: Checkout page is very important.Carefully fill all the details, select the date of delivery and the message you would like to send. Once it done all details press “Review Order” button.Description
We accept Credit cards (Dinner club, Visa and Master cards), debit cards, net banking and Itz cash card for the payments. We donot accept cash for transactions.
Yes, we do make custom cakes. Simple email us to inquire about pricing and feasibility.
All the cakes are freshly baked the morning of delivery date, thus we require all orders be placed at least 1 business days in advance of the delivery date. For example, if you need the cake to be delivered on March 7 (Sunday), you will need to place your order no later than March 6 (Saturday).
Yes, as soon as your order has been processed through our secure, on-line, real-time credit card processing system, an e-mail message that confirms the order will be sent to you along with the confirmation of the date and time of your delivery.
As soon as we confirm your order, our bakery will begin the cake preparation process. Therefore, in most cases, we are unable to cancel or modify your order. If you need to make adjustments to your order, please email us at: help@naihaticake.com to inquire if your order can be modified.
A person can enjoy the actual taste of cake only when it's fresh, this is why all the cakes we deliver are prepared only some time before it reaches to the recipient. To achieve the same, we offer customers to choose delivery time as well, so that we know when we need to prepare a cake and get it delivered. We ensure that customer always enjoys the freshest possible cake
We make our own cakes this helps us to ensure that the customer always gets quality cakes and consistent taste. We promise to deliver quality products when ordering from Naihati Cake.
Yes, we do provide midnight delivery. The midnight delivery time is from 11:00 PM to 11:59 PM. Although we try our best to deliver order as close to 23:59 as possible, it is always suggested to have midnight orders placed well on time. We charge Rs.199 extra for midnight delivery.
Delivery charges varies from location to location. When you provide pin code of the delivery address, our website will show you the delivery charges for that particular location. Delivery charges ranges between Rs. 0 – 250 rupees.
Yes, we take same day orders up to a certain time on that particular day. It is always recommended to place the order on the same day to avoid any delivery issues. The later you place the order, the less likely you are to find an available time of delivery.
In past there have been requests from our users for customized deliveries e.g. we had a bouquet of 50 Red Flowers to celebrate 50th Anniversary of a couple. We will see the feasibility of the customer’s request. If you want a customized delivery, you may write to us at help@naihaticake.com or call us on 8100233370
Yes, we do take same day orders till a fixed time on that particular day. It is always advisable to place same day order well on time to avoid any delivery problem. The later you place order, less chances will be there to find an available time for delivery.
All our delivery personnel are company staff, to ensure professionalism and proper on time delivery service. We never use contract drivers or third party drivers for all our deliveries. Our delivery fee includes proper cake packaging, food tampering label, and delivery service.